Workshop Request Procedure

Workshop/Conference Request Form Instructions

An approved Workshop/Conference request form is required BEFORE a conference or workshop can be attended. Verbal approval to attend a conference or workshop also requires completing the form in advance. Forms are available in the Main office of your work location.

Step 1:

  • All employees must complete a Workshop/Conference Request form prior to registering for any workshop/conference. The form must be legible and completed in its entirety.
  • Attach a copy of all information you have on the conference, such as an e-mail, brochure or flyer.
  • Attach a COMPLETED registration form
  • Attach a requisition form
  • If an overnight stay is required you must submit an itemized statement of expenses as soon as possible following the conference. ORIGINAL RECEIPTS for ALL items, including hotel accommodations, travel, meals, tolls, parking, etc. are required. Refer to Travel Procedure Policy posted on Smithfield Public Schools website.

Step 2:

  • Submit all material to the school principal or your immediate supervisor for approval a minimum of four weeks before the conference registration deadline (not the date of the conference) to allow time for materials to be processed.

Step 3:

  • Principal or Supervisor will forward request to the Administration Office for review by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent and/or Director of Special Education.

Step 4:

  • Approved requests are then forwarded to the Business Office for payment processing. The registration form and fee will be submitted for you.

Step 5:

  • When approved and processed the yellow and pink copies of the workshop/conference request form will be returned to the employee. The yellow form is for the principal and the pink form for the employee. Please remember to use AESOP to log your absence from school, even if you do not need a substitute. You may choose “Professional Development” as your reason for absence.



Following procedures will eliminate delays and ensure processing requests in a timely manner.